If you've scrolled through your social media feed within the last two weeks, chances are you have seen an abundance of comic book style cartoons that resemble your friends who are posting them. They are called Bitstrips, and they have officially invaded your timeline.

First question: What the hell are Bitstrips?

According to the official website, Bitstrips are "Instant Comics and Cards starring YOU and your friends!" You can create these cartoon avatars based off of your features with thousands of customizable templates and backgrounds to choose from.

Second question: Why is this happening all of a sudden?

Well, the short answer is simple. Social media is boring, and Bitstrips just showed up with a huge bowl of spiked punch to add color to our everyday lives and make things more interesting.

Third question: How do I join in the fun?

Its' pretty easy actually.

  1. Just download the app on your iOS or Android mobile device. (There's also a Facebook version of the app that you can get here.)
  2. After you've got the app, the first thing you'll want to do is create an "avatar" of yourself based on your looks. It's ok to cheat the edges. After all, isn't the ability to be perceived as the person you WANT to be one of the perks of the internet? Bitstrips make it super easy to achieve these results with a plethora of hairstyles, body types, facial features and more to choose from.
  3. After you create your avatar, choose from an endless supply pre-made scenarios and backgrounds to put your avatar in. You can also create avatars for your Bitstrip friends, as well the ones who aren't hip to the popular app just yet to play along in your comic-strip style cartoons.
  4. After choosing your background setting and all the characters you want involved, you can add script to voice your own dialogue with a witty custom caption. After that, you're Bistrip is ready to share with all your social media friends.

The alternative option to joining in on the Bistrip fun is being frustrated with it's popularity and complaining about it via social media, which is WAY more aggravating than looking at custom cartoons.

Trust me on that one.

[via Bitstrips]