Because five nannies aren’t enough! Beyonce has reportedly hired an astounding six nannies to care for her newborn daughter Blue Ivy, who will be a month old on Feb. 7.

According to InTouch Weekly, Bey has two of the six on call 24/7, so that Blue Ivy’s needs are met around the clock. A friend of the singer said that Blue has “the best of care” and apparently, Blue needn’t worry about uncomfortable things like diaper rash, since “her diaper is changed almost every hour.” So either Blue is pooping a lot or she has a mother who wants in her incredibly fresh diapers at all times!

In addition to a half-dozen nannies, Blue Ivy’s dad has gone beyond including her in a song. Jay-Z has already purchased bling for his baby girl. We know that was coming. A source told In Touch that the Hov already bought her diamond earrings and a platinum bracelet.

Trumping all this luxury is the fact that Blue Ivy’s parents also bought her a $600,000 gold rocking horse, which is more than most people’s mortgages or the care and boarding of a real, live horse.

It’s good to be Blue!

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