Blueface believes there is no such thing as a faithful man.

On Wednesday (April 19), RapTV aired a new interview with the "Thotiana" rapper where he discussed managing Chrisean Rock, their relationship, having a kid on the way and more. The Cali rapper also delved into the topic of infidelity, saying he believes all men cheat on their significant others.

"Let me break it down for you. Every man you've ever been with has cheated on you," Blueface told the host around the 22:36-mark of the interview. "Whether they are gonna tell you, whether you find out after, before whenever. They have stepped out of the relationship. Even the guy you with now. He's cheating on you. I guarantee it. It's just a manly thing. Men are hunters. We go hunt. We not gon' tell you everything we knocked down, everything we hunted. Be realistic."

"I don't think cheating and loyalty are in the same bracket," Blueface continued. "It's a moment of vulnerability. I think loyalty is more of, 'I'ma always make sure you straight.' Mentally, financially. I could be with a b***h right now. If I make sure you straight, I consider that loyalty."

During the sit-down, Blueface also revealed he plans on getting a DNA test once Chrisean Rock delivers her baby.

"Hell yeah," he replied when asked if he would get DNA confirmation. "It's an eight out of 10 chance [it's my baby]. Those are pretty good odds. It's a 80 percent chance. I'ma be realistic with myself."

Chrisean Rock revealed she was pregnant in late January. At times, Blueface has showed skepticism about the child being his. Most recently, he has been warming up to the idea of being a new father.

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