Authorities have found the bodies of the three men who went missing in Lake Maurepas on Sunday afternoon.

Officials with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said that crews found the first body on Monday morning. Then, later in the day, around 6:30 pm, the two remaining bodies were found.

The three men have been identified as Michael Bryant, 48, of Denham Springs; Zane Bryant, 20, of Denham Springs; and Zachary LeDuff, 18, of Greenwell Springs.

LDWF said that the three men were among a large number of people on a pontoon boat in the lake when witnesses said LeDuff went into the water and was having trouble.

That's when Zane Bryant jumped in to help but also began having difficulties. Subsequently, at that point, witnesses said Michael Bryant also jumped in to assist his son and LeDuff.

None of the three men resurfaced.

LDWF officials believe a change in the weather was a major factor in the drownings.

"Lake Maurepas is well known for being treacherous whenever the water changes like that when some weather comes through. It can go from slick calm to heavy wave action in a matter of minutes," Sergeant Randy Lanoux with Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries said.

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