Boosie celebrated Independence Day in a spectacular way.

The rapper shared a video on his Instagram showing a massive fireworks delivery being unloaded at his house. Boosie looked on as a literal box truck full of explosives were offloaded onto his property.

Badazz could be heard saying "got more fireworks than a levee."

Boosie is more than likely referring to the annual fireworks display that takes place near the U.S.S. Kidd in the downtown district of his hometown of Baton Rouge. In another IG post Boosie supports that theory by saying he used to "walk to the levee" to watch fireworks but now he watches them from his own levee.

I have no clue how much Boosie dropped on fireworks, but I've never seen those fireworks stands do home delivery, so I'm imagining he made it worth their while.

What's the craziest "home" fireworks display that you've seen so far this year?

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