By the looks of this new video, the Boosie Badazz-Lil Nas X beef has taken an interesting turn.

Between Boosie's homophobic comments over Lil Nas X's performances and content drawing backlash, to Nas X trolling Badazz to get a continued rise out of the "Wipe Me Down" rapper, neither party is innocent in this tumultuous back-and-forth that we've watched go down over the last several months.

Now, a clip that is making its rounds on social media shows the alleged uncle (or a fan) of Lil Nas X running up on Boosie and his son while they seem to be shopping. The man is wearing a purple robe and describes Lil Nas X as his "niece" while confronting the Baton Rouge rapper.

Boosie is then seen firing back at the man's threats to beat him up, warning him to get out of his face while pointing back at the agitator. Boosie's son is seen in the clip urging his father to move on from the confrontation.

The video posted by @KollegeKid on Twitter has over 1,000 likes and hundreds of retweets, and while some are shocked at the viral clip, others are definitely questioning the validity of it all.

Almost instantly, someone pointed out that the "uncle" of Lil Nas X had striking similarities to New Orleans comedian Mario Da Comic.

Perhaps the most damning evidence that this video may indeed be a skit of some sort is the actual boom mic that was instantly spotted at the beginning of the video.

While some fans cried foul, there were others who totally believe the incident was indeed real and voiced their worry on Twitter.

Other fans went on to point out that the video seemed terribly staged, but the question still remains as to why Boosie would partake in a staged video like the one that is continuing to go viral.

At the time of this post, neither Nas X nor Boosie have acknowledged the incident or the clip on their respective official social media accounts.

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