Hide the kids.

Baton Rouge rapper was seen spraying women, who were wearing thongs, at a carwash and now the internet is going crazy over his latest stunt.

I think we would all agree that Boosie has figured this social media thing out in 2021 and he is taking full advantage of it.

Twitter via DJ Kam Bennet
Twitter via DJ Kam Bennet

While spraying the woman with the high-pressure hose, one woman loses her undergarments and Boosie was quick to note it.

I assume that this may have been for a music video, but then again, it is Boosie and this could just be another day in his life.

I'll warn you, some may find the content in the video to BE OFFENSIVE. 

As to be expected, folks have been commenting on this video since it surfaced, and here some of the comments that caught my attention.

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