If you’ve ever been to a bar, you’ve likely had a bouncer check your ID to be sure you’re old enough to drink. But since IDs can be faked, some bouncers in the UK have a new screening method: they’re checking your Facebook account, too.

Door personnel are reportedly asking patrons to pull up their Facebook accounts on their phones and then checking to see if the name there matches the one on the ID.

Some say it’s an invasion of privacy, but nightclub employees cite the huge fines levied for allowing underaged drinkers into their establishments as justification.

“Why is it so wrong for people to have to prove the ID is actually them?” said one doorman. “If you’re not doing anything wrong you shouldn’t have a problem.”

But Nick Pickles from Big Brother Watch said checking Facebook is going too far. “If the problem is that people haven’t got good enough quality IDs, then let’s make sure they do,” he said. “This shouldn’t be an excuse for nightclubs to snoop and pry into people’s private lives.”


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