Catfish is a very popular show on MTV. It's about people that fall in love on the internet, thinking they are in love with someone who isn't who they say they are. For instance, Amy loves Bob and Bob likes Amy, but Bob makes a fake profile using another man's picture. Usually, it's an attractive person they use. So, Amy falls in love with the person in the picture. They never meet, they only see each other through the internet, and maybe some phone calls. This goes on for months, sometimes years. That's when Nev steps in and puts truth behind the picture.

On this episode that aired October 8 on MTV, this girl thought she was talking to the famous rapper Bow Wow shown in the video below:

Thanks to BET for the video

Its obvious right off the bat, it's not Bow Wow, I mean really. It's pretty cool that in the video above, that Bow Wow is amazed that he was used to be catfished and that he invited the guy that acted like him and the girl that got hooked to his BET show. Well played, Bow Wow.


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