Bow Wow is no stranger to openly sharing his personal struggles online. However, the rapper's most recent outburst has left many fans concerned for his well-being.

Early Monday morning (July 30), the former 106 & Park host unloaded a barrage of tweets in which he blasted his critics, claims that he would be departing from rap and insisting he would be turning over all of his money to fans. The rant was apparently provoked by a Twitter user sharing how they were removed from a nightclub after recording Bow Wow and his girlfriend without their knowledge.

Shortly after responding to the tweet in question, Bow went off on a tangent. "I hate all you fucking bloggers too! Shaderoom I fuck with. All you other gossiping a*s hateful sites FUCK YOU!” He continued: “SMASH OR PASS BULLSHIT I WOULDN’T FUCK YOU UGLY I SHOP AT LANE BRYANT BITCHES EVER! FUCK YOU!," he wrote.

While much of the rant has since been deleted, Bow shared a few of his posts on Instagram as well in which he insists he'll be riding himself of his most prized possessions. “Ima quit all this shit,” he wrote. “Down size my home. Sale everything. And go to work at gamestop. I’d probably be the happiest man in the world. Trade my cars in and buy a PROBE.”

The rapper continued, tweeting: “Im cash apping all my money away today. So if you want some free money y’all can have it… lets see if you think money makes you happy.”

Making good on his word, Bow shared a screenshot of him sending a fan $500 via Cashapp on Instagram to which he captioned the photo, "Sending my fans money today! I dont want it."

"This money is evil," he added. "Maybe yall can do some good with it... enjoy! Ive already started cash apping. You dont have to like me or love me just know im paying you guys back for all the bs ive put you through. I owe yall."

Bow Wow has elicited some concerns from friends and fans before due to some statements via Twitter. Back in April, Moss tweeted that he'd be naming his forthcoming album Educius, the backwards spelling of "suicide." That album hasn't arrived, and he also teased another project Greenlight 6 that hasn't dropped yet either.

However, he recently dropped a video for his new song "Pussy Talk." Check out that visual and Bow Wow's tweets below.

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