One young boy in Florida was bullied by others at his school when he showed up to school with a homemade U.T. shirt.

The young boy is a huge fan of the Vols and when he showed with this shirt, his peers started to poke fun at him. Well, the university is now featuring the fourth grader's logo on their official school merchandise.

And yes, it is a HOT item.

A teacher, Laura Snyder, said that after kids made of his shirt, the little boy was devasted and started crying. That's when she posted the photo of his homemade shirt and asked for anyone with a connection to the university to help out.

Synder's post went viral and The University of Tennessee responded. So much that they have used this young boy's design on their own shirt!!

Here's the original post by the teacher that caught the attention of THOUSANDS on social media. And this is why we love social media. It helps out so much in times like this.

I salute Mrs Synder for being proactive and doing what was right here.

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