Former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall got heated during a sports debate about league salary structure. The problem is, he was factually wrong.

Appearing on the "I Am Athlete" podcast with former NFL players Chad Johnson and Channing Crowder, Marshall was discussing the difference in salary guidelines between the NFL and NBA.

It's often said, "NFL players don't have guaranteed contracts, but NBA players do". While the statement isn't 100% accurate, the vast majority of NBA contracts are guaranteed.

Occasionally, a two-way contract or a non-guaranteed deal will be signed by a player who is at the end of the bench, and if the player doesn't remain on the roster at a certain date, the remainder of the season salary isn't guaranteed..

Being loudly adamant in saying "There’s four guys on an NBA team that got guaranteed contracts and everybody else can be cut today and don’t got nothing!" is a tough look for Marshall.

He was factually wrong. That's not a big deal.

Anyone in sports media will have a snafu on occasion.

The reason Brandon Marshall is trending online today isn't what he said, but how he said it.

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