Not only were they "co-workers" in Breaking Bad, but they've gone into the Mezcal business together in real life.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were co-workers as actors on the show. They were "co-workers" as drug producers/pushers/kingpins in the show. And with life imitating art, they are now co-workers in the mezcal business.

We told you about Cranston being in New Orleans last week for research purposes for a new show. Well, he obviously stayed in Nola and called his real-life friend and business partner Aaron Paul to come and join him to promote their liquor, Dos Hombres Mezcal.

The actors shook drinks and bartended for a bit at Napoleon House in the French Quarter on Friday (7/19). A crowd, obviously, grew quite large outside of the building before the public was let in.

So, how did the two get into the mezcal business? According to Cranston, he and Paul were having dinner in New York and talking about how they could work together again. Both being actors, they talked teaming up for another show or movie.

Deciding that it would be too soon for that, Paul brought up being business partners in the mezcal industry. He enjoys the smokiness of the drink and thought they could have some fun with it. Cranston even called mezcal "tequila's big brother."

The pair opted out of putting some sort of caterpillar from the region that it's brewed, as is usually the case with mezcal.

Check out the video of pair bartending at Napoleon House in New Orleans.

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