am not exactly certain how the origin of wrapping gifts for Christmas giving came to be a “thing”. I have to admit a cleverly wrapped package with your name on it sitting beneath a Christmas Tree is certainly an intriguing thought.  But then again seeing a Walmart bag taped together with my name on it is just as intriguing to me.  

Every year at Christmas as my family sits in a circle and passes way too many gifts around to each other there is always the comment “this one’s from the Fat One (that’s what they call me, not Santa), I can tell by the way it’s wrapped”.  It’s true, many of my gifts and the wrapping that disguises their contents do resemble some of the worst projects you might see at a third-grade art fair.  

Present wrapping is not my thing. I have come to find out that it’s not a “thing” for a lot of guys. Which is actually kind of strange. Strange? Well, wrapping gifts presents a lot of the challenges and concepts that men seem to really adore. There is a lot of measuring. There is cutting. There is securing a joint or a seam, yet guys who can build elegant homes with a blindfold on will struggle with Scotch Tape and snowflake paper.  

You know, another thing about gift wrapping that isn’t often considered are the patterns and themes of the wrapping paper itself.  There are not a lot of man-centric choices available. Not that there is anything wrong with Disney’s Frozen or Corgis in Santa Hats, they just don’t convey the message a lot of guys want to convey as far as the impression of their gift is concerned.  

It’s true, we men like for the gifts that we give to embrace our rugged, manly, clumsy, vulnerable, humorous, overtly sexual, quietly romantic, sense of charm too. Just as many ladies want their gift concealment to reflect their taste, we men want our gifts to reflect our lack of the very same.

But did you know that there is a hidden code in the way and why we wrap our gifts? It's almost like body language. Believe or not the way your holiday gift is wrapped may actually tell you more about how he feels than what's beneath the pretty paper.

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