There are many fundraisers out there from selling candy to hosting car washes, but Simple Pickup created a fundraiser like no other. Simple Pickup is a subscription on You Tube. They normally post videos of how to hit on girls by creating awkward, comical situations. This month they want to contribute by donating money to help fight breast cancer. Let's save the boobies, by motorboat! For every motorboat, Simple Pickup will donate $20.  In addition, they will also donate $100 for every 100,00 views the video receives in October. They currently raised a little over $4,000. Not everyone will agree with their fundraising tactics, but they have seem to raise a good bit of money, so far. If you want to help Simple Pickup raise money go right ahead, they will not discriminate. You can leave your shirt on or not, it's your choice. "brbrbrbrbrbrbr"



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