Brendan Dassey's name has risen to fame due to the popularity of 'Making A Murderer'—so much so, that now there is a rap song about him.

Brendan's half brother, Brad Dassey, describes himself as an up and coming Christian rapper. Brad didn't like the way Brendan and Steven's case was handled and he cut a track titled "They Didn't Do It" to voice his disgust.

"They Didn't Do It" was written after Dassey got angry while watching the Netflix series. According to TMZ, he worked 10 hours straight on the track and its personal for him being that he is constantly harassed over his last name and got fired from his DJ gig when Brendan got convicted.

Brad is planning to visit Brendan soon in the Green Bay Correction Facility, but since there strict smartphone rules, Brad will probably just perform the song for him.


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