Britney Spears seemingly addressed her ongoing conservatorship case on Instagram this weekend.

The "Oops I Did It Again" hitmaker shared a very telling video in which she discusses a new book she's reading called Astrology For The Soul, as well as states she's isn't someone who likes to be tied down by anyone.

Though she doesn't name names or the case, her remarks are very timely given the fact that she's currently involved in a legal battle with her estranged dad, Jamie Spears, who's been her sole conservator for 11 years. It seems pretty clear her remarks are directed at him, or anyone else, who believes they're in charge of her life.

The 37-year-old pop star begins the video by recommending the book before revealing she's a true Sagituisdus because she embodies a lot of the qualities the sign represents.

"I love freedom, I love Independence, I don't like being tied down," Spears says.

"I like to travel, but yet, I'm very insecure," she adds.

Watch Spears' cryptic Instagram video, below:

Considering fans often interpret Spears' posts as secret messages, they think she's trying to tell them something with this loaded statement about freedom and independence.

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