Britney Spears has been through quite a lot in the last 13 years, even in the last 6 months. She was in a very public conservatorship battle with her family, a very public battle with her sister Jamie Lynn after she wrote a tell-all book that included details about Britney and she got engaged and got pregnant.

Since her conservatorship was terminated, Britney has been posting all sorts of content...some of it questionable, and it has fans asking the question, "Is she really okay?"

This week, Britney posted various naked pictures of herself on vacation. Three different times, twelve pictures total. Oof.

The majority of the comments under the photos are concerned fans, asking why she posted them and there not being a need for it. The bizarre posts have many questioning if she really needed the conservatorship after all. Her mental capacity has always been called into question, but it makes you wonder, what we didn't know behind closed doors.

I follow Britney on Instagram, I have for a while. I do think some of these posts of hers are odd, but I mean, she hasn't been able to freely use the internet in 13 years. She hasn't been able to drive a car or spend her money either.

She also has been showing off her new pets, a puppy and a kitten. She seems to be growing her family, which is sad that she couldn't do that years ago.

Are you concerned for Britney when it comes to her insta posts? Should she be monitored online or is she just living freely and doing what she wants?

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