When people said "Free Britney," they probably weren't expecting this.

Britney Spears is currently in the midst of a legal battle surrounding her conservatorship. Just weeks ago, Britney delivered a powerful message in court that revealed many intimate details about her conservatorship that sparked outrage on social media, especially amongst her fans.

Since her bombshell court appearance, it seems that Britney has been opening up more on social media, giving fans a look at her "real life" but lately, some of her content has her followers thinking there may be more to the story.

In one recent post, Britney went into detail about those "closest to her" who she feels have abandoned her during the last 13 years of her conservatorship.

While Britney's deep thoughts, reflections, and dance videos are among the content that she regularly posts to her Instagram page, this week fans noticed that she has been reposting the same topless photo over and over again. Since July 24, Britney has posted a photo, wearing only denim shorts while holding her bare breasts with cleverly placed sparkles to censor out the parts that would get her flagged.

As of today (July 27), the pop star has posted the photo three times, having deleted it twice prior to the most recent re-post. Some fans immediately commented that the situation seemed suspicious.


Britney's followers also took to Twitter with theories as to what may be going on behind the scenes with the pop singer.

Others suspected someone else could be deleting the photo each time Britney would repost it.


Then there were fans who promised to love the photo no matter how many times she reposted the topless image, which currently just crossed the 1 million mark.


For a while, fans thought someone else was posting for Britney until she confirmed that she captions all her own posts on social media.

Other fans also thought someone could be posting for Britney to make her seem incompetent or as if she needed help.

While we have no clue what's going on behind the scenes of Britney's posts, I think it's fair to give her the same grace that we give other celebrities in her position.

Other pop stars can post racy content and no one seems to blink an eye, but somehow Britney's decision to share similar content "doesn't help her case" to some people.

Only time will tell if any progress will be made in her conservatorship case, but hopefully, we will see Britney getting back the freedom that she has missed for the past 13 years.

In the meantime, you can keep up with Britney's daily content via her Instagram here.

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