There is no bond like the one shared between a father and his sons. To have that bond broken, especially through death, is indescribable. Those emotions are what Jace and Jett Kellogg are going through after losing their father, Boe, to cancer in 2013.

However, these boys will forever be grateful for what their dad left them with which is his talent and love as a professional bull rider. So when Jace wrote a book report about his dad and how much he wants to grow up to be a bull rider, fate stepped in.

A television news station in Las Vegas got a team together to give Jace and Jett the surprise of a lifetime. They were able to meet their favorite professional bull rider and much much more.

I was brought to tears watching this incredible act of kindness. What warms the heart more is seeing the anchor's reaction to the story and how close she was to it. I think that speaks volumes.

Young Jace truly has a passion for PBR and will no doubt be welcomed into the family as a great talent. You go dude! Maybe one day we will see you on the big screen, too.