The singer of It Will Rain is 'squeaky clean' now that he has completed his 200 hours of community service for pleading guilty to cocaine charges.  Not only was Bruno Mars required by court to complete service hours, but he also went above and beyond. What I mean by 'squeaky clean' is that this little bump in the road will be completley erased from Bruno's record. 

It was found that the singer finished all of his drug ed classes along with a total of 230 community service hours ordered by the judge.  If your a little bit late on the story, Bruno Mars was arrested back in 2010 after a Hard Rock Hotel attendant reported someone doing coke in a bathroom stall. According to TMZ the attorney that prosecuted Bruno was not is court because he was FIRED last year.  Apparently he had a cocaine problem that somebody found out about (Payback haha.)  Even Bruno's attorney thinks he should get a break,

Bruno earned the dismissal of his charge. He exceeded the expectations of the court in both his service to the community and his counseling."

Good job Bruno, but this means we expect ANOTHER cd to be dropped soon!!!!!!