Bruno Mars is shooting his shot with the Recording Academy.

The official list of performers for the 2021 Grammy Awards dropped over the weekend right around the same time as the new single from Silk Sonic—Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paaks new duo.

Now, Mars is petitioning for Silk Sonic to be a late addition to this Sunday's award ceremony. What's even funnier is that he did it via Twitter, using the Notes app on his smartphone.

For those that may not see the big deal here, one of the most sought-after live performers in the world is literally begging The Grammys to let him play their show this Sunday.

Of course, Bruno and Anderson probably realize it's far too late for them to get a performing slot at The Grammys, but music's biggest night would definitely benefit from having one of the most buzzworthy acts in their lineup—especially in the wake of their new single "Leave The Door Open" being so well received.

Bruno even offered to have Silk Sonic audition for the spot and promised that he and Anderson would follow all COVID safety protocols.

Soon we saw #LetSilkSonicThrive begin to trend as the campaign picked up steam among fans who wanted to see the duo perform.

Anderson even threw a few tweets into the mix.

At one point it seemed like .Paak was looking to hop on as a drummer for BTS, one of the confirmed performers for this year's Grammy Awards show.

As much as it seems to be fun and games, the truth is Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are no different than other gigging musicians who have been sidelined for the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

They channeled that downtime into creating an exciting new project for us, but after locking themselves away in the studio to create the Silk Sonic album I'm willing to bet they are itching to get out and perform these songs to the world.

I happen to agree, so I'm inviting you to check out the whole Twitter exchange here and join me in saying #LetSilkSonicThrive

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