The social media sphere was set abuzz earlier this week when a Facebook post declared that Opelousas had hit the jackpot with a brand new Buc-ee's store. Eager Facebook users couldn't help but express their delight in the comment section, only to later discover that the news was as elusive as the legendary Buc-ee's beaver itself.

ChefMikeb's post, congratulating Buc-ee's for their apparent groundbreaking near Lowe's off I-49, went viral with close to 3,000 shares and over 500 comments. Opelousas locals were thrilled at the prospect of having a Buc-ee's in their own backyard, or at least they thought so.

One excited commenter, Venez Ordoyne, excitedly tagged her friend Heidi Marcantel, suggesting that the new Buc-ee's would spare them the hassle of traveling too far for their beloved beaver treats. However, the celebrations were short-lived as the truth began to emerge.

Amidst the elation, Joe Rivette didn't hesitate to call out the post as a fake, simply stating, "FAKE POST." Bruce Broussard chimed in with evidence from an article dating back a year, where a different Buc-ee's location in Luling, TX had made headlines for its grandiose plans. The plot thickened.

John LeDoux interjected with a friendly reminder that a Chick-fil-A was, in fact, being built across from Lowe's, not a Buc-ee's. To further debunk the rumors, LeDoux shared an image revealing that ChefMikeb's photo was actually a Google image attributed to Bettie Cross at CBS Austin. The truth was unraveling before their eyes.

Vicky LeLeux took it upon herself to contact Buc-ee's directly, putting the matter to rest once and for all. Vicky exclaimed, "Update!!!! This is not happening! I Called to verify. They are coming to LA but no word yet where. Not coming to Opelousas. They do not know who started that rumor." Penny Martin echoed Vicky's statement, emphasizing that the only Buc-ee's location confirmed in Louisiana was in Ruston, according to the official Buc-ee's website.

Speculation regarding ChefMikeb's motives ran wild, with Wayne Bunch suggesting that false information was disseminated merely to generate likes and attention. Perhaps ChefMikeb was merely indulging in a mischievous joke, though some Buc-ee's devotees found it more cruel than comical.

The Buc-ee's frenzy in Opelousas serves as a testament to the genuine desire for a Buc-ee's in southern Louisiana, even if the chances seem slim. Also, for what it's worth, this isn't the first time we've had this conversation.

As of now, the only known Louisiana Buc-ee's location is reportedly planned for the northern part of the state.

In the meantime, locals can still enjoy their summer vacations with a pit stop at other beloved spots. Although Buc-ee's won't be gracing Opelousas just yet, there's no shortage of fun and adventure to be found in the charming city. Who knows, maybe one day the beaver will finally make its way down south, and Opelousas or some other lucky community can revel in the long-awaited arrival of Buc-ee's.

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