New Orleans festival The Buku Project, also known as "Buku-Fest", announced today that they will be unable to host their March 2021 festival. They have added that they plan on a having full festival in March of 2022, along with an alternative take on the festival for October 2021.

You can see the announcement from @thebukuproject on Twitter below

With the current state of the live-events world in the midst of a pandemic, the festival is making a tough decision to forego their 2021 festival. According to the post, the festival plans on celebrating its 10-year anniversary in March of 2022.

Disappointing news for festival lovers across the South, as "Buku-Fest" is known as one of the most unique and immersive annual festivals around. The good news is that they still plan on hosting an event come October 2021, so be on the look out for that information.

I have attended "Buku" a few times and it has always been a great experience. My hopes is that all festivals can make some version of a come-back next Summer.

Until then we will have to live vicariously through our past festival memories, DJ live-streams, and anything else that will give us an inkling of feeling that a music festival provides.

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