As soon as this anonymous Burger King employee posted this picture of him stomping on lettuce, with his shoes on, that was to be used on burgers, his location was quickly pinpointed!!! The photo was posted on 4Chan, a site known for hacking and interfering in daily internet traffic, clearly shows the employee's feet firmly planted in the restaurant’s lettuce containers.Unfortunately for the former employee of Burger King, as soon as the photo was posted on-line, many soon recognized the location of the restaurant.


According to the story in the Los Angeles Times, the photo, featuring the worker standing in the greens with his shoes on, was subtitled “this is the lettuce you eat at Burger King.

As expected, the image did not sit well amongst the groupies of 4chan, and they began to forward the image to various news outlets. According to the Cleveland Scene, based on GPS data in the image, online sleuths had determined the suburb to be the setting of the disturbing act.

Since then, the three employees involved have been fired, according to a statement from Burger King, which stressed that the restaurant involved “is independently owned and operated by a Burger King franchisee.”

For more on this story visit the LA Times


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