Is it finally Burger Tyme again in Lafayette?

It's a burger chain that is the stuff of legend—especially in south Louisana, where Burger Tyme built its legacy back in the 90s. Last year (right around this time, actually) we were reporting on a Cajun Blaze pop-up at Acadian Superette.

At the time, Braxton Moody V told The Advocate that the pop-up was just part of a "multi-step plan" to bring back the legendary burger chain.

We are in the early phases of a multi-step plan to bring back this crowd favorite. We will forever offer the retail products we roll out. Those won't go away. But as far as a physical location, that would be happening at a later phase of the project.

The Mother's Day pop-up was a wild success (in the heat of a pandemic, no less) and the retail products have been rolling out from the revamped Burger Tyme website which all seem to line up nicely with whispers that have been rumbling about Burger Tyme moving into the vacant building that used to house Wendy's on Johnston Street.

The location between Foreman and Doucet would be a solid location for the restaurant and the timing also feels perfect—especially considering that Moody's father opened the original Burger Tyme location in the late 1980s during an economic downturn for Lafayette due to the oil bust.

Not only are we dealing with a similar situation in terms of the oilfield, but as Lafayette climbs out of the pandemic, what better time than now to bring back the south Louisiana crowd favorite?

Also, if we're talking irony, Moody V is making use of vacant space on the same major Lafayette thoroughfare that his father did over 30 years ago as the original Burger Tyme was located near Ambassador in front of the property that Best Buy now calls home on Johnston Street.

Stay tuned, as I'll be talking to Moody soon as he will reveal more details in the days and weeks to come. Follow along with the Burger Tyme on their official website here.

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