As citizens in parts of  South Louisiana prepare for perhaps the worst flooding of all-time, some people are taking things into their own hands. While many may packing their "life" up and moving to higher ground, some have decided to "ride it out," and protect their investments. One of the areas predicted to take-in a lot of water once the Mississippi River crests or The Morganza Spillway is opened is Butte La Rose. While many call that place home, others simply settle-in at Butte La Rose for their weekend get away. In the photo above, one property owner has built an enormous levee around his property. This property owner has taken matters into his own hands, and has gone the extra mile to fight off the raging flood waters of the Mississippi. When sandbags wouldn't get the job done, he apparently has decided to build an enormous size levee, five to six feet tall, around his entire property. Word is the property owner was going to tarp-off the levee in hopes of preventing erosion in the event of flood waters making it to the top of the levee.

Whatever the case may be, we pray that all in the path of these raging flood waters take the necessary precautions, and heed the warnings of local and state officials.

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