You may know what your actual birthstone is—but what is your Cajun birthstone?

One of our favorite local meme-makers, Cory Dugas, posted another gem (pun totally intended) that everyone can relate to. All you need to participate is a birthday, and we all have one of those.

Check out the meme below and pick out your 'Cajun Birthstone.'

Facebook, Cory Dugas
Facebook, Cory Dugas

My Cajun Birthstone is a Shrimp Poboy, which is interesting being that I don't eat seafood (I know, I know! don't throw rocks at me). Drop a comment and share your Cajun Birthstone.

Once we find enough people to get all 12 months we can put them together and call the Cajun Captain Planet.

That's actually another good meme idea. Hopefully, Cory will steal it.

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