According to reports, a man from California was able to live inside of a secured area at the O'Hare International Airport for three months. The man kept fed thanks to passengers giving him food and utilized a stolen ID from an airport manager to fly under the radar.

Check out the report from our media partners @KATCTV3 via Twitter below

According to the KATC-TV3 report, Aditya Singh was arrested on felony criminal trespass charges along with a misdemeanor theft charge. The thirty-six-year old Orange, CA man was able to live undetected within the secured area of the Chicago airport since October of 2020.

The original report from the Chicago Tribune details how airport employees found Singh and asked him for his ID. The employees found that the man had possession of an operations manager's ID card that had been reported missing months ago.

These reports say that Singh had flown into O'Hare International from Los Angeles and stayed inside of the airport out of fear of COVID back in California. Assistant Public Defender Courtney Smallwood also said that Singh has a Master's degree in hospitality and is currently unemployed.

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