In his post-game interview, Saints defensive end Cam Jordan let us all know how he really felt about the referees.

A couple of things. Cam Jordan is awesome. He's an amazing athlete. He's extremely funny. He cares. He's stylish. And he wants to retire a Saint. Also, the referees have now made game altering mess-ups in the last three Saints games, and we're only two games into the season.

I'm not going to say that if they had gave us the points we scored when Cam Jordan recovered the fumble and ran it back for a touchdown that we would have won the game. But there's no doubt in my mind that it's a momentum killer, and thus changed the tide of the game.

That being said, during his post-game interview, Cam Jordan gave his reaction to the referees about that particular play. And it's, of course, amazing.

In a clear case, he, like the rest of us, is tired of the referees being able to get away with this nonsense. He goes so far as to call them Foot Locker employees, who wear black and white, referee striped uniforms.

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