After a week and a half post non-call, Cameron Jordan says he's in a much better place.

The frustration as a fan was bad enough. I can only imagine the pain, anger, sadness, and hurt that the players who worked so hard and put their bodies through hell were feeling after being robbed.

Cameron Jordan wasn't quiet about how he felt. We remember the shirt he wore to the Pro Bowl, right?

Now, a week and a half after the tragedy, Jordan says he's in a much better place, and is looking forward to next season and being able to hit someone again.

When asked about the post-season the last two years including the "Minnesota Miracle" and the non-call, he has an epiphany. "At this point, I'm just saying it takes a miracle to beat us."

He also had quite the reaction when asked if he was happy that Roger Goodell finally addressed the non-call situation. "Did he address the situ-" Jordan laughed.

Moving forward is something that the Saints have done before, and I have no doubt will do again. But it's safe to say that this STILL isn't the last we'll hear about the NFC Championship robbery.

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