Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are currently isolating together at Cabello's home in Miami, where the couple have been live streaming benefit performances and guided meditation sessions.

Much to the joy of the paparazzi, who've been snapping away on the daily, the PDA-lovin' pair have also been going on joint leisurely morning walks, during which they've been spotted holding hands, toting coffee mugs and wearing some unique quarantine fashion. (Mendes is apparently a huge fan of mala beads.)

On Tuesday (March 31), though, the kooky couple took their stroll to a whole new level of consciousness.

Caught on camera walking super slowly and taking deep breaths with their eyes closed, as if in a trance, while Mendes placed a hand over his heart, the web has dubbed the lovebirds' latest display a "meditation walk."

See for yourself, below:

Maybe they were just trying to calm their nerves about the COVID-19 pandemic, or were just going stir-crazy from being stuck at home amid social distancing protocols.

Let's just hope they stayed on the sidewalk, at least.

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