While most of today’s rappers remember The Notorious B.I.G. through the music and legacy he left, Harlem rapper Cam’ron remembers Biggie Smalls a bit differently than most. Having met the late, great Frank White while coming up, Cam’ron gave XXL an exclusive story about the first time he met with Biggie.

Going down memory lane to the early days of his rap career, Cam'ron says Biggie Smalls was the one responsible for getting him his first record deal. "One thing I remember most about Biggie was that Biggie was the one who helped me get my first record deal," said Killa Cam.

When asked how Biggie got him the deal, the Purple Haze rapper recollects his first encounter with the Bad Boy MC.

"I remember Mase brought me to [Biggie's] house to rap for him and he told his partner Un Rivera about me. After Biggie died, Un signed me but I just remember going to Biggie's house rapping for him, no deal, trying to get on," recalls Cam of the epic day. "He had broke his leg or something at the time, so he was in his bed with his leg broke with two girls in the bed and I just remember rapping for him for like 25 minutes straight and he was like, 'You can stop now. You dope! I want to fuck with you.'"

Thanks to Biggie Smalls, Cam'ron eventually signed his first record deal under Untertainment and Epic Records and released his 1998 debut album, Confessions of Fire. The critically-acclaimed project served as Killa Cam's formal introduction to the world, and was eventually certified gold within the months of its release.

In case you missed it, peep 20 of Cam's best songs here and check out XXL's special Biggie tribute hub below.

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