It was like a scene out of a Hollywood action movie over the weekend in Downtown Baton Rouge.

A WAFB story from Lester Duhé provided details on a chaotic video that showed the aftermath of a crash that reportedly happened as a result of the vehicle fleeing gunfire.

"Guns, bullets, screams, and smoke" described the setting that quickly overtook an otherwise peaceful evening for multiple downtown Baton Rouge patrons who were enjoying dinner, drinks, or a bike ride with their dogs. One woman who met her parents downtown for dinner on Friday night said that things got hectic in an instant just before 8 p.m.

At about 7:50, we heard what appeared to be two distinct sounds of what sounded like gunshots. It all happened so quickly, we only really had time to speculate whether it was gunshots or fireworks.

According to Baton Rouge Police, what the woman was actually hearing was the sound of gunfire; and people in a vehicle that crashed nearby were apparently driving away from bullets being shot in their direction.

Duhé says that Chelsea Layne was eating at an outside table when she heard the ruckus but she and her family were able to retreat as the car sped in their direction.

The driver turned into the turning lane to try and avoid those cars. And when he did, he made contact with about two or 3, then kind of ricocheted into this field here, then slammed into this embankment. Almost immediately the car caught fire, I’ve never seen that. It almost looked like a movie.

Officials told WAFB that the car was "fleeing from gunfire from another vehicle" and the incident started in another part of Baton Rouge before the crash happened downtown.

Layne told WAFB that a gun had apparently fallen out of the crashed car when the first body was pulled out.

One of the bystanders kicked it (the gun) to the side. And we had to tell the police officer, hey, will you go ahead and grab that for us and get it out of this really hectic scene.

There were no arrests made and one person who ended up at the hospital with a gunshot wound "is expected to be okay."


See the full story from WAFB here.

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