The driver from a recent video of a car launching over a tow truck is speaking out about the traumatic experience.

The woman who was behind the wheel during the widely circulated video of a car driving up the back of a tow truck in Lowndes County recently spoke out about the traumatic experience. Tanaijsha Bruton, the driver involved in the incident, expressed how the incident has continued to haunt her since that fateful day.

Bruton told WALB the persistent impact the incident has had on her mental state, saying, "When I go to sleep, that's pretty much what I dream about. It just replays over and over." She also shared that even her own family did not expect her to survive the ordeal. She said, "Nobody expected me to make it. Not even my family. They didn't expect me to make it at all."

WALB says after spending over two weeks in the intensive care unit at the University of Florida Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Bruton was finally released on Friday. The majority of her time in the hospital was dedicated to her recovery and treatment.

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Bruton addressed the blame that has been placed on her following the incident, expressing that she believes both sides involved bear some responsibility. She emphasized that she has faced a challenging journey, undergoing multiple surgeries to address her internal injuries. While her memory of the incident remains hazy, she feels fortunate to have survived.

I'm just grateful that throughout all the surgeries, I'm still here and able to see another day. I thought it was over. I blacked out. I don't really remember much, but I know that I thought I was going to die, and it hurts. It hurts really, really bad. I felt everything.

Regarding the video's circulation on social media, Bruton admitted that her family initially shielded her from watching it. However, her curiosity led her to discover the attention the video was receiving. She recounted the surprising moment, saying, "My family didn't want to show me the video, but of course, I'm hardheaded and got on social media. One of my friends mentioned me in the video and said, 'Oh, this is you,' and I was like, 'This me?! This my car?!'"

See more details in the full story here via WALB.

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