The car was found while crews were clearing up a drainage canal.

New Orleans still struggles with drainage problems almost fifteen years after Katrina. One of the reasons is that there is still blockage in some drainage canals in the city. The Advocate reports that part of the blockage in the canal off the Lafitte Greenway turned out to be a car that was reported missing on the day Katrina hit New Orleans. The car wasn't the only thing causing the blockage. There was a chassis of another car, a truck bed, a sofa, and large amounts of mud and debris. Police aren't sure if the car was swept into the canal by floodwaters or if foul play was involved because of the years of water damage to the interior of the car.

NOLA residents aren't happy about the discovery because it suggests that the city has not cleared the drainage canals since Katrina. The canal where the car was found is in a flood - prone area of the city.

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