It looks like Birdman may have to spend some of his birthday money and not on himself. Cash Money Records was ordered to cough up $1 million in royalties to Orange Factory Music for a series of Jay Sean tracks.

The British crooner signed to CMR in 2009 and dropped three albums featuring singles "Down," "Fire," "Do You Remember" and "Lights Off.” But after five years on the label he called it quits in October 2014. Back then Sean said the split was amicable. “I had and still maintain a great relationship with Slim and Baby,” he told Billboard. “They believed in me and my talent and our partnership obviously garnered a lot of pop success.”

But once the checks stopped coming things started to get a little shaky. In January a Louisiana judge ruled that CMR owed Orange Music Factory $1 million in royalties for Jay Sean tracks dating all the way back to Dec. 31, 2012, according to Billboard. Many of the earlier songs appeared on All or Nothing, his CMR debut.

Paying royalties seems to be an issue for CMR. Most  of the artists who leave the label or some who are still signed to the imprint are cut out of the royalty checks. Producer DVLP sued Cash Money for $200,000 in unpaid royalties in August 2015 and former Hot Boy Turk is in legal action for more than $1 million in unpaid royalties from his former label. Meanwhile Lil Wayne still has a $51 million suit against Baby and CMR and Jas Prince is also coming for his dues as well.

CMR has 21 days to cough up Orange Factory Music’s milli. This may be the first of many cash outs to come.

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