The internet exploded Wednesday afternoon when news of star Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o's "girlfriend hoax" broke. The story laid out in this article by seemed to be pulled straight from an episode of MTV's Catfish, a show which catalogs the mysterious and often sketchy nature of internet relationships. Well, it looks like the Manti Te'o story may end up on Catfish sooner rather than later.

Late Wednesday night, Nev Schulman, the creator and star of Catfish tweeted this:


Nev's tweet seems to indicate that he's contacted the girl who's picture was used to portray the deceased girlfriend. Little is currently known about this mystery woman as Te'o himself claims to have never actually the girl who's photo was used in this elaborate scheme.

Will Nev be able to come through and give us the details we're all craving on this incredible story that seems to only be getting juicier and juicier? It's too early to tell, but who would you rather have on the case than the original Catfish himself.

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