The Cavaliers are still celebrating their NBA title win, and Kevin Love may have the best celebration of them all.

The Cleveland star is going viral today after he channeled WWE star 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin in the locker room—crushing two beers together and chugging them while wearing a classic "Austin 3:16" t-shirt.

The post game mood was a jovial one as all the Cleveland Cavaliers players celebrated their first NBA title in franchise history. Love didn't stop with the beers, as he was later seen parading around with a smoking skull 'Stone Cold' title belt.

Love must have inspired LeBron, who got off the plane in Cleveland sporting the t-shirt of another WWE Legend. Sending messages, much? We hear you loud and clear, LeBron—and so do your haters!

He also gets extra points for the Kermit sipping tea hat.

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