On July 14th, 1898, Louisiana Governor Murphy J. Foster signed the establishment of what would become the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

On the day of a huge celebration for our local university, they have created a video that shows life around the school from the beginning all the way until now.

What's amazing to me is that there are pictures from all the way back then, and throughout the years. What's ALSO amazing is that it actually got cold enough here for the swamp on campus to freeze enough that students were able to ice skate on it.

Here's what the university has to say about celebrating 120 years:

120 years ago, with the governor's signature, the Louisiana General Assembly established the Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute on July 14, 1898. University President Dr. Edwin Stephens was at the helm when classes began in September of 1901, with 100 students enrolled and eight teachers. Though several cities were in competition to be the home of the new institution, Lafayette was chosen when the Girard family donated 25 acres of land. Happy Founding Day! #GeauxCajuns

What was your favorite photo from the school's history? I personally liked seeing Cajun Field in the 1940's, and the aforementioned ice skating on the swamp.

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