Let's keep it classy Boston. Last night, after LeBron James almost single-handedly decimated Boston on their home court in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, a classless Celtics fan thought it would be cool to express his disdain by dumping his beer on LeBron as the most valuable player in the NBA made his way to the tunnel after the end of regulation.

Celtics Fan Dumps Beer On LeBron James After Heat's Game 6 Victory Over Boston

I'm guessing he didn't like the fact that in a do-or-die game, LeBron put on a clinic, scoring 45 points, dishing out 5 assists and snagging 15 rebounds in the 98-79 victory over the Celtics in front of their home crowd. King James looked stunned for a minute when he realized he was hit with something, but to add insult to the injury that he inflicted upon Boston, LBJ took the high road and kept it moving to the locker room.

I guess that Celtics fan forgot what tends to happen when NBA players get hit with cups of beer.

[via Complex]

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