Chance The Rapper can spit with the best of them, but battling isn't exactly something he's known for. The Chicago MC, who was recently honored for his humanitarian efforts at the 2017 BET Awards, offered up a rare glimpse at his battle rapping prowess when he recently battled Nick Cannon on MTV's Wild 'N Out. Check out their epic struggle in the videos below.

In the battle, which is really anything but heated, we see both Chano and Cannon go at it in an uninhibited freestyle session. For his part, Cannon—who hosts Wild 'N Out— gets in the best line first, poking fun at Chano's Kit Kat commercial and his rapping ability simultaneously.

"You saying I can't come back to Chicago? You should keep that/You ain't got no bars, I guess that's why they gave you a Kit Kat," Cannon spits as he pulls out a Kit Kat bar from his pocket. Looks like he knew it'd come in handy.

Of course, Chano claps back a very short time later, poking fun at Cannon's Office Depot commercial. "You see this right here's called a Kit Kat, you call that a rap snack/I heard you was at Office Depot selling backpacks," Chano raps.

It's a mostly lighthearted battle, but it's still cool to see Chance can pull out some solid one-liners at a moment's notice like that. Cannon holds his own, too.

Check out the battle in the videos below.

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