The Chicago Cubs are your 2016 World Series champions. As a result, THE HOOD INTERNET releases a glorious mash-up of Chance The Rapper's "No Problem" and the Cubs theme song, "Go, Cubs, Go."

The mash-up is the perfect victory song for a franchise that's waited 108 years for a World Series championship. If you're from the Windy City, you know what it is. You can listen to the 93-second song above via SoundCloud.

The Cubbies beat the Indians 8-7 on Wednesday night (Nov. 2) in arguably the most epic World Series game ever. Cleveland clawed its way back two separate times before the Cubs took an 8-6 advantage in the 10th inning on RBIs by Ben Zobrist and Miguel Montero. The Indians made it close for a third time, scoring one run in the bottom of the 10th courtesy of an RBI single from Rajai Davis. But Chicago wasn't going to let Cleveland steal its shine, and the Joe Maddon-led Cubs snagged their long-awaited 'chip.

Though he didn't create the mash-up, Chance tweeted out the link last night in support. Chano isn't the only Chicago native to show love to the hometown team. XXL recently caught up with G Herbo, who attended his first baseball game ever when he went to Game 4 of the World Series. He says, "I’m a major White Sox fan but you know I gotta support Chicago on this one ... I want the Cubs to honestly win and we still have a shot. The Cubs are really good and I didn’t even know how good they were until I went to game 4 of the World Series. It’s real diehard Cubs fans just like there is Sox fans.”

Common echoed G Herbo's sentiment in an interview with Seth Meyers. The veteran MC says, “Yes. A White Sox fan has to root for the Cubs. Even though there’s some hardcore White Sox fans who will not root for the Cubs and root against them … I’m bridging this gap. I’m about unity, and I’m from Chicago. I want to see the Cubs wins. 100 years! Come on.” Although Chance, G Herbo and Common are all South Side, Chi natives, it's cool to see that they're all supportive of the North Side Cubbies.

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