Page Six, Channing Tatum will be starring in a remake of everyone's favorite '80s love story
Splash -- as the mermaid, err, merman.

A gender-swapped remake of Splash? Umm, yes please!

Not only am I excited to see Channing Tatum as a mermaid, mostly because he'll be shirtless, but also because Jillian Bell will be joining Channing in the remake. If you're a fan of Workaholics you know exactly who I'm talking about. She is absolutely hilarious and already has great chemistry with Channing Tatum -- she was in 22 Jump Street and they made the viral video "[D-word] Graze" together.

Not gonna lie, Splash might be one of my all time favorite movies, so I'm super pumped that Disney isn't trying to remake the '80s classic with the traditional story line. Way to be awesome, Disney, way to be awesome.

[via Page Six]