It's happened again. Another light has been seen inside of Charity Hospital in New Orleans. This time the light seen looks like a lit Christmas tree. See for yourself.

**Update** Mystery Solved, well kind of?

WDSU reached out to the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center for comment about the viral images. A spokesperson said it appears the hospital was broken into and the tree, or whatever it is, will be removed.


Charity Hospital In New Orleans has been shut down since 2005.

So the question on everyone's mind is "Why is a light on?" in Charity Hospital.

Charity Hospital has been shut down since Katrina hit back in 2005, meaning there is no electricity nor occupants there in 10 years.

The Facebook site Ain't Dere No More out of New Orleans posted the pic. Just from reading the comments the people of New Orleans have their own theories from ghosts to people lighting up crack pipes and some saying that they don't want to know.

But, it's still creepy, and if there is a ghost in there someone should investigate or at least send the Ghostbusters. LOL!

Here is the pic after being filtered and lightened up. This makes it even more creepy and you can tell this is not a hoax.


So the question is, what is that light inside the deserted hospital?


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