News broke earlier about Charlie Sheen being rushed to the hospital this AM after a 3 day bender, riddled with drinking, porn stars, loud music and plenty of women. Sheen was carted out of his home earlier today on a stretcher and rushed to Ceders -Sinai and treated for "abdominal pains." TMZ also reported that Two and a Half Men isn't filming this week, so this won't affect any production on the show. There was also an "alleged" briefcase that was delivered to the home according to sources that were inside the house. The source said that after hours of drinking, someone delivered a designer briefcase full of bricks of cocaine which Sheen started doing immediatly, and continued to do for hours.

Sheen's rep, Stan Rosenfield, told TMZ:

"I can't comment because I have no idea if it's true. You choose to believe your source. I don't."