America can finally see just what Charlie Sheen found so appealing in Bree Olson.

Olson, one of the star's former 'goddesses,' appears on the cover of August's issue of Playboy.

Inside, she exposes her whole her body -- not to mention her opinions on the former 'Two and a Half Men' star.

Olson cuts to the chase by saying Sheen knows what he's doing between the sheets, adding, "Heís intelligent, heís charismatic, heís superfunny. And heís good in bed. I mean, heís had a lot of practice."

As for how she, Sheen and fellow 'goddess' Natalie Kenly managed to live together, Olson explained, ì[Natalie and Charlie] did their thing together, and Charlie and I did our thing together. And we had two different beds. She and I would go to whichever bed, and he would pick. You know, ëWhere am I sleeping tonight?'"

When it came time to call it quits with Sheen in April, Olson said she left a note for him, saying, "Iím not comfortable here anymore. Iím going home. I wish you the best on the rest of your tour. (Hereís your watch.)íî

Even though Olson and Sheen are no more, you can bet she isn't planning on deleting 'goddess' from her list of skills on her resume. She said, "Iím still a goddess. Iím just not Charlieís goddess."

You can check out all Olson had to say -- and show -- when Playboy hits newsstands on Friday. In the meantime, take a look at some of her photos to whet your appetite.

Bree Olson
Bree OLson

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