This is so uncalled for.

Really shocking video shows a woman being forced to walk the streets of New York naked.

According US Buzz's YouTube, he caught his wife sending naked photos and explicit text to other men.

If you choose to check out the video here, you can see the alleged husband making his alleged wife walk outside with nothing but a towel on while he screams that she's a tart, a b**ch and a whore. Then he pulls the towel off leaving her in the freezing cold with just her boots. This is either a poor topic prank, or a real video. If this video is indeed real, this is a horrible display of humanity.

She either had no place else to go, or he had something he was holding over her preventing her from leaving the situation.

Domestic abuse isn't limited to inflicting physical harm, and some experts say that the mental abuse received can be cause more long-term effects. Also, we're pretty sure that this video, if legit, would carry some legal ramifications including domestic abuse, an off-shoot of revenge porn, or other laws that have been violated.

I get that he is mad, but he should send her packing and file for divorce. DONE!