Coin collecting has always fascinated me. I could have treasure sitting right in my change jar, but never know it. It's a lot like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but if you can find that one rare coin it could pay off big time. I just came across this video talking about nickels minted from a fairly recent year being worth way more than face value. Here's what to look for...

The YouTube video titled "HOARD ALL 2009 NICKELS NOW!! GET AS MANY AS YOU CAN FIND" explains why these certain nickels are worth money. You want to look for nickels made in 2009 stamped with a P or a D.

They have considerable value because there weren't very many made, a little less than half of how many were made in other years. The P stands for the Philadelphia Mint, and the D stand for the Denver Mint.

Halfway through 2009 the Mints were ordered to stop producing coins due to a silver shortage. This resulted in these 2009 nickels being the rarest coins in almost 70 years.

Normally a roll of nickels is worth $2, but a roll of these particular nickels is worth between $30 and $80. A $100 box of these sells for as much as $2,000!