The Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, showed up to her news conference today ready to defeat COVID-19 in a superhero like fashion.

The video of Mayor Lightfoot's entrance was posted to Twitter by @therecount and you can see it below

The news conference was scheduled to discuss the guidelines for Chicago as it pertains to Halloween festivities around the city.

Now THIS is what I call going all out to get a message across!

I don't know exactly what was said in this news conference and it doesn't really matter because these costumes are hilarious.

Talk about doing whatever it takes to get your point across that people should be doing everything they can to fight against the threat of COVID-19.

What would you think if your city Mayor pulled this kind of stunt? Do you like the effort put forth? Or is it a little too silly for such a serious situation as COVID-19?

Whatever you think about this scene, I bet we can all agree that this is flat-out HILARIOUS!


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